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We approach our creation with the following in mind: Rethink, Reduction, Restriction and Respect.


Rethinking the role pastry has in one’s sense of well-being and enjoyment. Reduction in production of pastry making, minimizing

waste and reducing carbon footprint. Restriction by working primarily with locally and organically sourced ingredients. Avoiding frozen purées, artificial sweeteners, colorings and additives. Emphasizing freshly made over refrigerated and frozen. Respect for local purveyors and farmers who work with the seasons and supporting their efforts. Respect for our patrons who are open-minded to new possibilities. “Our goal is to

strive for a higher unity by bringing nature, domicile, and people together in a shared consciousness.”

     LESS IS MORE       

     by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


     by Dieter Rams

LESS 店舗ではイートイン限定デザートや焼き菓子、マーマレードの


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